Saday Project
Pathology Collection Center

Modern practice of medicine is becoming more and more dependent on clinical investigation to help accurate diagnosis. It is becoming all the more prominent with increase in the medical cases affecting the vital organs.

Over the decades, clinical examination has become more sophisticated and more accurate but the same has pushed the costs also. Since these high costs are unaffordable by a number of people, they are still dependent on testing by manual examination and obsolete methods where accuracy is always doubtful, to save on the cost.
Central Lab, the state of art laboratory with all latest testing equipment, in the state of Madhya Pradesh ( have agreed to provide their services at very economical rates to the needy through our healing center. We have provided all the infrastructural facilities and administrative services to them free of cost. This has helped the patients in mitigating their financial burden to some extent while ensuring most reliable test results.
We also counsel the worried patients on results of their clinical investigation and try to rest their anxiety at peace.

Blood, Urine and Stool samples are collected at the center from 8.00am to 2.00pm on working days and 9.00am to 1.00pm on holidays.