Saday Project
Operational income and Expenses (Monthly)

Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Clinic
Salaries: Rs. 25,000
Other Expenses: Rs. 10,000
Total: Rs. 35,000
Income: Rs. 16,500
Shortfall Rs. 17,500
Special Children’s Clinic
Salaries: Rs. 50,000
Other Expenses: Rs. 10,000
Total: Rs. 60,000
Income: Rs. 30,000
Shortfall Rs. 30,000
Homeopathy Clinic
Salaries: Rs. 40,000
Medicines: Rs. 10,000
Other Expenses: Rs.   5,000
Total: Rs. 55,000
Income: Rs. 25,000
Shortfall Rs. 20,000

Note: Income and Expense figures are approximate and keep changing from month to month depending on number of beneficiaries during the month.