Saday Project
Management Support Team

Ravi Vipat

My Belief: Believe in yourself; hard-work & honesty always pays. Success comes by hard work & not by shortcuts. God has given us a wonderful life & it’s our duty to give back something to the society.

Introduction: The planning and construction of the Healing center covering 3000 sq.ft., was conducted under the vigilant supervision of Ravi Vipat and it was completed in record time of four & half months. We are very grateful and deeply appreciate his dedicated voluntary service for the center and the extra effort to make sure that the project be completed on time. He gives regular donations to Helpage India for last several years and to Seva Bharti for education of adivasi children. May God bless him.
Suchit Jain

My Belief:Do work with honesty, passion and good attitude.Live life with love, compassion and balanced human character.

Introduction:The Healing centre is very grateful to Shri Suchit Jain and his company, ‘Emperor Solutions Pvt. Ltd.’ for the integrated software specially developed for Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Pathology and Homeopathic Units. The centre is fortunate to benefit from his flawless software and website designing. We are aware how much time, energy and effort this outstanding work demanded and we deeply appreciate it and bless the whole team for their voluntary service.
Anurag Vijayvergiya

My Belief: Love and care should be given without any expectation. Steering away from attachments and maintaining a feeling of non-doership keeps me happy.

Introduction: It is through Divine Mother’s plan that no project of Sri Sarada Math can proceed without his devoted ‘seva’! The Healing centre remembers his service with utmost gratitude and wants to thank him for his ever prompt support. Very helpful in nature, he helps all, who approach him, materially or otherwise. May the divine ‘Holy Mother’ protect and guide him always is our prayer.