Saday Project
Processes & Techniques

Physiotherapy/Occupational Therapy

Music Therapy
There is one hour music session for all the children every alternate day under the guidance of a trained music teacher. Mainly Indian Classical Music consisting of different RAGAS is the medium. Under the listening part, students are made to sit cross legged on the floor and listen to music. The process has been found not only to calm the mood of the children but also has been found to improve their posture and tone. Many children have taken to playing Tabla and the Key-board which also helps in speeding up thier recovery.
Play Therapy
There is an indoor and an outdoor play zones. Different kind of physical activity sports and brain activity games and puzzles are made available. Children are encouraged to play at their own or with a friend under the observation and guidance of occupational therapist. The process helps in improving and gross motor skills, fine motor skills and also social behavior.
Speech Therapy
Children suffering from various communication and speech disorders are guided by a qualified speech therapist bring about desirable change to make the communication more effective. Special program is designed for each child separately after evaluating the level of disorder and possible corrections that can be made.
Psycho Therapy
Qualified therapist visits the center periodically, observes behavior of the child as also discusses with parents and other therapists handling the child and does a systematic psychoanalysis. Therapist, parents and other care takers are advised on how to deal with the child to bring about desirable behavioral changes that will also help in improvement in existing disorder in addition to behavioral improvement.
Group Activity
Different kind of group activities are planned for every week that include sports activities, movies and cartoons, question answers etc. to develop strong bond among them and to teach them to share and care. This helps in integration with normal children also when the child is admitted in the regular school.
Dance Therapy
Any kind of continuous movement is good for body. It helps to boost the spirit. Foot tapping is a kind of acupressure therapy and it increases the stamina. Certain pattern of dance increase concentration and help hyperactive and dyslexic children. Generally children have been found to be enjoying this activity.
Occupational, physical, and speech therapists use horse as a treatment tool. The movement of the horse along with traditional therapy intervention, influences muscle tone, encourages muscle action, and improves vestibular reactions, sensorimotor integration, and midline postural posture control. Positive psychological, social, emotional, and behavioral effects make hippotherapy a fun and self- esteem boosting experience for the mild to severely disabled children, and individuals of all ages.
brazilian hair Hydrotherapy treatment consists of gentle stretching, floatation and relaxation exercises, strengthening exercises against the resistance of the water and movement exercises within the water. It combines bathing with treatment and therapy, and for disabled children this is extremely positive.

The buoyancy of water reduces the effects of gravity, poor balance and poor postural control. It provides postural support, allowing children with cerebral palsy to exercise with more freedom in water than they can on land. It creates an environment that reduces the level of impact on the child’s joints, providing a gentler environment for children with unstable joints to exercise and weight- bear

The warm temperature of the water in the hydrotherapy pool helps reduce pain and aids relaxation. Where the child suffers from a decreased range of joint movement, the reduced gravity in a heated pool improve the child's range of movement. Where he or she is suffering from decreased muscle power, the gentle resistance of water to movement helps increase muscle power. The warm water encourages the muscles to relax and eases any pain and discomfort in joints making it easier to exercise. By pushing their arms and legs against the water children improve their muscle strength.