Saday Project
Working Team

Dr. Yejuvendra Rathor

Sr. Physiotherapist
My Belief: To achieve success – Try to do the things in a different way before deciding to quit.

Introduction: We are grateful to him for his valued services which he has been giving us regularly. The team is incomplete without his support.
Yashaswini Kumari

MOT, 2013
My Belief: Work….Enjoy….Smile… Respect….& cherish whatever comes your way! And give in your 100% in everything you do!

Introduction: After joining the Healing center in October, 2013 she is in charge of the children’s Unit. Her quiet, gentle and capable handling of children with special needs will uplift the center to new heights.
Dr. Saumya Jain

PT – 2011
My Belief: Nothing is softer than water but, its force can break the strongest rock.

Introduction: We thank her for her commitment to service and recognize her contribution to the Healing centre’s growth. Her loving and efficient handling of patients have endeared her to them which is a necessary ingredient to healing.
Dr. Shilpi Jain

PT - 2012
My Belief: When you salute your duty, you need not salute anyone. But, when you pollute your duty, you have to salute everyone.

Introduction: After a couple of months of her joining our team of doctors, we realize that she is indeed a valued member of this group. Her interest in higher studies as well as in understanding the values and goals of life is very much appreciated and make her unique. God bless her for being a loving doctor “Mom” to the special differently-abled children.
Dr. Arpita Jain

B.H.M.S. 2011
My Belief: All men seek one goal : success or happiness. The only way to achieve true success is to express yourself completely in service to society and I am blessed to be able to respond to the calling through the knowledge of Homeopathy. Happiness follows on its own accord.

Introduction: She joined our center from March ’12. The number of beneficiaries has been steadily increasing due to her able diagnosis and treatment of patients. May God give her the strength to relieve the suffering humanity.
Dr. Prashant Mandloi
brazilian hair

B.H.M.S. 2012
My Belief: The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers

Introduction: His joining the Healing center as a Homeopathic doctor has been extremely beneficial for the suffering patients. The Management is very happy to have his services and appreciate his patience and competent handling of difficult cases.
Shanti Narwaria

My Belief: I have been able to find my calling in life by being part of the Healing centre.

Introduction: As regards her, regularity, helpfulness and cleanliness, she is indeed indispensable! The center is very thankful to her. God bless.
Madhuri Choudhury

My Belief: It is only through hard work that bad times can be overcome.

Introduction: Her smiling face and ready help is always at hand to all members at the center. The center is thankful for her services.
Preeti Chauhan

My Belief: Be happy and serve others.

Introduction: A sincere and happy soul. She infects others with her humor and serves one and all.