Saday Project
Services Units

Psychosocial Rehabilitation Unit
Detailed psychoanalysis and assessment of behavior is done, strategy is drawn on required behavioral modifications and training is provided under simulated environment to ensure social integration to the best possible extent.
Pediatric Neuro Rehabilitation unit
Focus is on congenital acquired disorders of central nervous system in case of Cerebral Palsy, Infantile Hemiplegia, Muscular Dystrophy, Plexus Injury, Autism, Learning Disabilities and other neuromuscular disorder.Multidisiplinary approach is adopted.
ADL Training Unit
In order to facilitate independence in carrying out day to day activities of daily needs for community living such as using toilet, bathing, dressing, eating etc., detailed assessment is done and long term training program designed and executed in specialized modulated environment with use of adaptive techniques and self-help devices, for each individual.
Sensory Integration Unit
Children with Developmental Behavioral Disorders including Autism Spectrum Disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, developmental coordination disorder and childhood anxiety disorder are treated through various activities that are believed to organize the sensory system by providing vestibular / proprioceptive / auditory /tactile inputs / brushes / swing balls and other specially designed therapeutic or recreational equipment.
Hand Rehabilitation Unit
Children having problems with fine and gross motor functions of the hand are provided the facility of hand exercising table, CPM and sensory training tools to achieve the objective of facilitating the use of disabled hand more freely and independently.
Splinting Unit
Splints are a great help in correcting the disfigurement of the limbs to keep it in best functional position and facilitate better postures. Self-help devices are designed as per the need of the patient and got manufactured locally to improve their daily living skills. Variety of universal splints like AFO, functional cock up etc. are kept in stock.
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