Saday Project

1. Electrotherapeutic Unit
  a. Short Wave Diathermy
  b. Ultrasound unit
  c. Interferential unit
  d. TENS
  e. Muscle Stimulator
  f. MEMS
  g. Vibrators
2. Thermotherapy and Cryotherapy Unit
  a. Paraffin Wax Bath
  b. Hydro collateral
  c. Steam Bath
  d. Infra-Red Lamp
3. Traction therapy Unit
  a. Lumbar and Cervical Traction Bed
4. Exercises upper extremity Unit
  a. Shoulder Wheel
  b. Axial Shoulder Exerciser
  c. Shoulder Pulley
  d. Shoulder Ladder
  e. Rowing Machine
  f. Hand Exercise Table
  g. Weight cuff set, Dumb-bells, Medicine Ball, Therapy Putty, Grip Exerciser etc.
5. Exercises lower extremity unit
  a. Static Cycle
  b. Ped-O-cycle
  c. Quadriceps Exercise Table
  d. Parallel Walking Bars, Postural Training Mirror, Therabands, Gym Balls etc.
  e. Rowing Machine
  e. CPM
6. Fitness Unit
  a. Abdominal Exerciser
  b. Treadmill
  c. Electrically driven cycle.
7. Suspension Unit
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