Saday Project
Management Team

Shri Virendra Goel
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Industrialist and Social Worker
My Belief: It is now time to give back to the community what I have gained from it so far – knowledge, skills, experience, money.

Introduction:An industrialist by profession and a born leader, he has been associated with Sri Sarada Math since quite a few years. It was through his initiative, financial contribution, far-reaching vision and undaunted enthusiasm that the Healing centre came into being. Not only overseeing the construction work of the Healing centre from ‘morn to night’ and procuring the best of equipments, he has been a source of constant guidance and inspiration to the doctors, staff, patients and visitors of the centre.

Service, charity and pursuit of excellence are his fundamental ideals that provide the Healing centre the impetus to focus on the physical and mental well-being of the patients. May the Universal Mother, Sri Sarada Devi bless him.
Nithya Shrikaanth

A Creative Director/Consultant, Advertising
My Belief: Be true to yourself in whatever you do. Put in a 110% effort, whatever the nature of the work, whatever the struggle, whatever the outcome, for whomsoever it may be. Life then becomes magical for all.

Introduction: NIthya has over 20 years of experience & worked in several leading ad agencies. The Mentors and the other members of the Management team appreciate Nithya’s efforts to bring the Healing center to the forefront in Indore’s picture and even at the national front. We believe her tireless and exceptional skill and in-depth knowledge of children with special needs and sincere efforts will bear fruit.
Dr. Nagendra Goswami

Senior Homeopath Consultant
My Belief: Only satisfaction can give permanent happiness and peace.

Introduction:Dr. Nagendra has been associated with the center since many years. His sincere and supportive help to set up the Homeo clinic is commendable. The Homeo clinic has reached a phenomenal height due to his guidance.